who are these guys?

The Secret Identities:
Kenny Shea Dinkin (rhythm g
uitar & vocals)
Mario DeSio (lead guitar & vocals)
Howard Folksanger (bass)
Ken Gregg (drums).

After leading their own bands for many years, Mario and Kenny, two long-time Bay Area singer-songwriters, joined forces and started The Secret Identities. Figuring by sharing the burdens of band leadership and songwriting they could get away with doing less (and each offload most of the work onto the other), our two hapless heroes chose a name that would reflect the dual identity taken on by so many artists who have day jobs and families while trying to keep their music alive. They found two equally jaded working stiffs who played music and lo, THE SECRET IDENTITIES were born.

Having two singer songwriters in the same band meant a happy collision of long-built sensibilities and as the two began to work out arrangements on their favorite songs written by the other, a new kind of unexpected magic hit the room - Mario's fluidity as a guitarist meant new sonic realms to explore in Kenny's songs, and Kenny's ideas for harmonic arrangements and 12-string guitar rhythms offered new soil in which Mario's pop sensibilities could blossom. The results, on their 2014 debut record Open Me Up are a series of highly crafted pop songs laden with muscular guitar parts and dripping with power pop harmonies inspired by their mutual love of The Beatles, The Who, Big Star, Badfinger, The New Pornographers and Guided by Voices.

Mario DeSio played in Mad Dog Theatre and Mariospeedwagon, and continues to perform as a solo artist.  He is a contractor, a dad and a gifted luthier: To see his hand crafted guitars go here:
Kenny Shea Dinkin played in Lot 49 with his brother Marc and in the SF-based YOYODYNE and Radio Zero. He was also rhythm guitarist in Steve' Folta's Speed Bumps. Kenny is a painter and a visual designer; he works like a dog as a Creative Director in video games. He is also a dad.

Check out our new album and stay in touch to find out when and where will be playing next.

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Kenny while he is not designing video games or watching his kids

Mario while he is not doing construction, remodeling houses, watching his kid or building guitars

By day, Howard works as a cog in the wheels of a large conglomerate, by night, as a secret socialist/commie operative in a local Tea Party group. He is the father of one son.

Ken- hitting things after office hours...